Podcaster Grant Gurtin draws upon his wealth of sports media experience to host the Birds of Prey Podcast, which brings to life all the incredible stories from Florida Atlantic's athletic teams.

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Grant Gurtin: A Journey of Entrepreneurship, Mindfulness, and Sports Media

Grant Gurtin is a dynamic entrepreneur, investor, and podcast host who has made a significant impact in various spheres. With a passion for entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and sports media, Grant has embarked on a remarkable journey that has already inspired many.

Arturo Rolon: A Small-Town Creative with a Big Heart

Arturo Rolón hails from the quiet town of Cleburne, Texas, where the simplicity of rural life shaped his character and instilled in him an appreciation for life's small joys. While he initially pursued a degree in Management Information Systems at The University of Texas at Austin, Arturo discovered his true calling lay in Marketing, a decision driven by his insight into its broader benefits.

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Dani Hurtado

Meet Daniela Hurtado, the Bolivian-born artist and producer behind the Birds of Prey Podcast. Her journey is a unique blend of artistic pursuits. Daniela’s path intertwined with Grant Gurtin during her time at the Tech Stars Sports Accelerator program in 2019 while working on the Fanium Fantasy team. This experience deepened her passion for creative endeavors. Notably, Daniela’s artistic achievements include her lead role in the debut feature film “Three Headed Beast,” selected for the prestigious 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. Beyond acting, she ventured into the director’s chair and successfully crowdfunded her film “Affogato,” where she also played the lead character, Fanny.