Grant Gurtin

Meet Grant Gurtin, an accomplished host and storyteller behind the Birds of Prey Podcast. With a rich background in sports media, including his role as Director of SportsLine at CBS Sports and the creation of Fanium Fantasy, Grant is a three-time startup founder. Notably, his first venture, Fanium, was acquired by CBS Sports in 2015. Grant's latest venture, the Birds of Prey Podcast, highlights the remarkable stories of FAU players, coaches, and administrators. His mission is to inspire listeners by showcasing the improbable success stories at FAU. Known for his engaging and thoughtful approach, Grant Gurtin fosters discussion and builds relationships across a wide range of topics. He is also the founding General Partner of Gurtin Ventures with over 40 active investments.

Arturo Rolón

Arturo Rolón, the editor and co-host of the Birds of Prey Podcast, brings a unique blend of small-town charm and creative passion to the team. Arturo's upbringing instilled in him a profound appreciation for life's simple pleasures, including sports. Arturo's journey into tennis is a testament to his determination and resilience. Inspired by watching Roger Federer's Wimbledon victory, he decided to join the tennis team, despite having never played the sport before. Though he initially struggled, Arturo's unwavering commitment to improvement eventually earned him a spot on the varsity team and even the captain's role. Arturo is not only a creative but also a charismatic communicator. He excels in the art of connection and finds joy in sharing his natural talents with others, making him an ideal candidate for teaching and inspiring those around him.

Dani Hurtado

Meet Daniela Hurtado, the Bolivian-born artist and producer behind the Birds of Prey Podcast. Her journey is a unique blend of artistic pursuits. Daniela’s path intertwined with Grant Gurtin during her time at the Tech Stars Sports Accelerator program in 2019 while working on the Fanium Fantasy team. This experience deepened her passion for creative endeavors. Notably, Daniela’s artistic achievements include her lead role in the debut feature film “Three Headed Beast,” selected for the prestigious 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. Beyond acting, she ventured into the director’s chair and successfully crowdfunded her film “Affogato,” where she also played the lead character, Fanny.